Your hand is the mirror and the lines on your palm are reflections of your life. Horoscopes can be wrong but the etching of lines and marks on the palms like circle, cross, star, triangle, grill, fish, lotus, balance, barley etc. each have a meaning and are never wrong.


Hands are wonderful indication of your inner self. They show by their texture, shape, settings and markings every detail of yourself. The Major lines seen are…
  • Life line: Study Longevity, Accidents and ups and downs of life.
  • Head line: The mental capabilities, educational achievements etc.
  • Heart line: Love in your life, Heart diseases.
  • Fate line: Indicates wealth in life, when and how much
  • Health line: Likely diseases and health condition in general.

Many more Minor lines like Sun line, ring of Jupiter, ring of Venus, Travel line, Bracelets, line of Mars, Position line etc. will be studied. We study all the lines, the mounts representing planets, setting of your fingers which act as antennas in receiving cosmic energy and thumb which represents the complete personality and your life. Our expert will let you know about your personality traits, likely disease, likely accidents in life, your marriage life, your fate, your financial and material happiness. Include any three pressing questions you would want him to answer.

In general, the books discuss the basics of the Lal Kitab system, characteristics of the twelve houses and the nine planets, characteristics of each planet as a benefic and malefic in each house. Most important aspect of Lal Kitab is the identification of malefic planets and easy, inexpensive and extremely effective remedial measures for their ill effects.